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Telehealth & Video Sessions

A growing number of clients have been enjoying the flexibility that Video ("Face Time") or Phone therapy sessions allows them. Especially with recent concerns about the COVID-19 Virus, this is a great option to getting therapy support without even leaving your home. We're offering personalized mindfulness sessions for both kids and adults to help create a sense of calm among this uncertainty, learning stress management strategies, discussing specific ways to structure time at home, and getting into a helpful routine. Even kids have been loving the video visits, and find that having tools to manage anxiety is vital for families at this time. Through the use of fun activities that we will send in advance of our video sessions, we are available to help work on goals to create behavior changes.


These video and phone sessions are also necessary for some clients in order to accommodate their professional obligations, travel schedule, international studies, and/or medical conditions, etc. This is made possible through a HIPPA-compliant app that clients can download for free on their phones which allows them to have face-to-face therapy sessions as long as they have access to a phone or computer that can download the app. Clients find this app easy to use, and enjoy the convenience of being able to maintain their therapy sessions and see continued progress, even while they are not able to make it into the office in person.

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