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Fertility Journey

The Fertility journey is often a private one, which can make it more lonely, stressful, and overwhelming.


This is especially true if the few people who know about what you're going through struggle to show support in the ways you need. Your unique fertility journey begins with your reproductive story - what have you been told since you were young about birthing and becoming a parent? Therapy can be a safe, grounding, and validating place to learn how to be with yourself during difficult, grieving and anxious times. It is client-centered and allows you to explore your fertility journey at any stage.


Here are ways therapy can help:

  • Increase effective coping with fertility struggles 

  • Prevent the natural tendency to make our lives feel smaller by ruminating about our wishes, desires, and fears

  • Provides a safe and empowering space to discover and discard outdated beliefs or emotional reactions that don’t serve you

  • Receive much needed support and understanding for where you are 

  • Collaboration on boundary setting, story telling, seeking appropriate support, setting realistic goals and expectations 

  • Making space for inevitable and unwanted emotions and thoughts, especially as outcomes unfold

  • Support for major grief and loss that is often unseen and unspoken; support in developing and carrying out meaning-making, rituals, and living with loss without minimizing it

If you are struggling with any fertility journey-related struggles, please reach out for a free consult to see how we can help. We are here for you.

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