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Fertility Journey Support
Pregnancy Support
Postpartum Support
Postpartum Depression Support

Postpartum Anxiety Support
Postpartum OCD Support

Here at Coast Family, we specialize in all things related to becoming parents.

The beginning stages of your fertility journey:

  • The “trying to get pregnant” stage

  • Managing stressors, pressure, stops and starts, unfulfilled hopes, messy or uncomfortable and loss-filled beginnings

  • Build effective coping responses, learn to tell your story (even if just to yourself!), boundary-setting with others

  • Keeping life large and meaningful throughout the process

  • Space to grieve, reimagine, and experience compassion

  • Discuss losses if they occur or have occurred for any reason: miscarriage, terminating for medical reasons, abortion, molar or other unviable pregnancies, stillbirth


The transitions experienced during pregnancy:

  • "Matrescence": the physical, hormonal, emotional, and social transition to becoming a mother 

  • Relationship to partner

  • Relationship to extended family

  • Relationship to self

  • Relationship to body 

  • Life transitions 

  • Possibly unprocessed resurfacing trauma

  • Generational trauma discussions

  • Challenge and change unworkable and outdated beliefs about yourself, parenting, your body, partnership, and the potential birthing experience.

  • Receive objective symptom questionnaires to track mood stability 

  • Relationship to other children in home as well as preparing them and yourself for upcoming changes  

Preparing for and giving birth:

  • Discuss feelings about birth

  • Process your birth afterward

  • Expectations vs reality

  • Developing a birth plan that is about how you show up to the moment and less about predicting what will happen

  • Receive and practice specific coping skills for pain, pain tolerance, and significant mental discomfort associated with the birthing process in order to increase resilience and reduce anxiety and dysregulated experiences 

  • Discuss boundary-setting and conversation checklist with medical providers 


The postpartum period:

  • "Matrescence" in postpartum: when your mothering voice and being goes “live”

  • Your breastfeeding journey

  • What to look out for that could could be signals that you need support for:

    • Postpartum Anxiety

    • Postpartum Depression

    • Postpartum OCD

  • Receive objective symptom questionnaire to track mood stability

  • Safe place to express vulnerable emotions/navigating life changes

  • Problem-solve: daily tasks, asking for help to meet your needs, giving yourself compassion while remaining accountable, deciding what to let go of and clarifying what’s important and why

  • Connecting with your new baby

  • Understanding the new and constantly unfolding dynamic between you and partner and other children

If you are looking for pregnancy or postpartum mental health support, please reach out for a free consult with our amazing Dr. Lisa Rosequist. Dr. Lisa has specialized training from world- renowned Postpartum Support International in perinatal mental health (PMH-C). Her expertise includes fertility journey, pregnancy and fourth trimester, and early parenthood/postpartum. We are here for you.

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