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Fertility Journey Therapy

The Fertility journey is often a private one, which can make it more lonely, stressful, and overwhelming.


This is especially true if the few people who know about what you're going through struggle to show support in the ways you need. Your unique fertility journey begins with your reproductive story - what have you been told since you were young about birthing and becoming a parent? Therapy can be a safe, grounding, and validating place to learn how to be with yourself during difficult, grieving and anxious times. It is client-centered and allows you to explore your fertility journey at any stage.


Here are ways therapy can help:

  • Increase effective coping with fertility struggles 

  • Prevent the natural tendency to make our lives feel smaller by ruminating about our wishes, desires, and fears

  • Provides a safe and empowering space to discover and discard outdated beliefs or emotional reactions that don’t serve you

  • Receive much needed support and understanding for where you are 

  • Collaboration on boundary setting, story telling, seeking appropriate support, setting realistic goals and expectations 

  • Making space for inevitable and unwanted emotions and thoughts, especially as outcomes unfold

  • Support for major grief and loss that is often unseen and unspoken; support in developing and carrying out meaning-making, rituals, and living with loss without minimizing it



We're thrilled to to offer a VIRTUAL Fertility Journey SUPPORT GROUP through Coast Family!









What services are being offered?

Coast Family is excited to announce that we have a virtual support group for those on the Fertility Journey every other Wednesday 1-2 PM on ZOOM led by Dr. Dana Lieberman and Dr. Lisa Rosequist. Come to discuss:

  • IVF/IUI/Reproductive assistance

  • Secondary Infertility

  • Managing unknowns

  • Grief/Loss

  • Managing Anxiety/Sadness

  • Who is running the groups?

Dr. Dana Lieberman (owner of Coast Family Psychological Services) and Dr. Lisa Rosequist are licensed clinical psychologists with a personal passion, and keen understanding of the unique journey through fertility from both their PERSONAL, educational and client experiences. 

  • What if I'm pregnant, but want to process the stress of my fertility journey?

Having the chance to share your individual experiences and get support from other people in similar circumstances is invaluable. Definitely check out the group a few times to see if it is a fit for you. If you need more support in processing your experience, our amazing Dr. Lisa Rosequist sees clients individually as well!


  • How do I enroll in the groups?  

It's easy! Just follow these 3 simple steps:


1)     Send an e-mail to Dr. Dana Lieberman at including:



  • WHICH GROUP YOU’RE JOINING (Identify that you're interested in the Fertility Journey Virtual Support Group)

2)      You will then receive an e-mail from “Coast Family Psychological Services” which will include instructions on how to complete the Online Consent Form, and input your payment information.

3)      On the morning of each support group session, we will email a meeting reminder with the Zoom link.

  • What is the fee for support group services?

There will be a $100 virtual support group membership fee automatically charged to your credit card on the FIRST day of every month, which includes all meetings throughout the month.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What if I know someone else who wants to join the group?

If you are planning to share our support group information with friends, please advise them to e-mail Dr. Dana (DrDana@CoastFamilyPsychologicalServices) with their name, phone number and group they are interested in, so that we can ensure they are properly enrolled. 


  •  How do I cancel my virtual support group membership?

To cancel your support group membership for any reason, please inform Dr. Dana Lieberman via e-mail at by 12 PM on the 25th day of the current month to ensure you are not charged for the following month’s membership.


  • Who do I contact with my questions or concerns?

1.)   For the quickest response, please email Dr. Dana at: 

2.)  If email isn’t convenient for you, please call or text: (805) 507 7049. Our team will make every effort to return calls within 24 hours. Note: we do not provide 24- hour crisis services. In the event a group member is feeling unsafe, or requires immediate medical or psychiatric assistance, he/she should call 911, or go to the nearest emergency room.


  •  What is the structure of the group?

During the first 10-15 minutes of group, we will follow up about some themes from last week's group if applicable or share a topic such as interesting research, and occasional guest speakers such as physicians, reproductive endocrinologists, psychiatrists, or other psychologists, etc. Then we will take the remaining 45 minutes for group members to share something they’d like support with, share resources and experiences. The groups will be 60 minutes long.

  • What is the difference between a SUPPORT group and a THERAPY group?

Our SUPPORT groups will be a safe place to provide resources, share experiences and teach practical coping skills. This is not group therapy in the sense that we will not be processing the group dynamics, or providing formal therapy. 


If a group member is in need of further psychological support, or is unable to attend the groups at the time provided, Dr. Lisa Rosequist provides consultations for individual/family therapy. Please contact her for further information!


Dr. Lisa Rosequist's contact information:

Phone number: (805) 243- 1538

Email is:

  • Will the support groups be recorded?

In the interest of privacy, and in order to maintain the group dynamic, our Zoom sessions will not be recorded.

  • How did these support groups get started?

These groups started based out of the passion that Dr. Dana and Dr. Lisa have for people on the fertility journey, through pregnancy and postpartum. Dr. Dana and Dr. Lisa have their own personal experience on the fertility journey and feel that this gives them an even stronger connection to group members and our clients. Dr. Dana and Dr. Lisa are dedicated to providing a safe space to share support to others, and feel connected to those who truly get what you're going through.

If you need support during the fertility journey, please reach out for a free consult to see how we can help. We are here for you.

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