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Trauma/PTSD Therapy

It can be life changing to seek support from an experienced professional to help you process trauma, (whether the situation happened recently, or years ago).


Trauma-informed therapy helps you to:

- truly understand your brain and body’s response

- help you re-process your experience with care, compassion and support

- learn ways to regulate your nervous system again

- free yourself from self-blame, shame, and guilt responses to the traumatic incident(s)

- no longer re-experience the trauma as if it is happening in the here and now  

- get your life back - you will no longer feel you have to avoid all the people, places, and things that remind you of the trauma anymore. 

- experience joy, meaning, mental spaciousness, connection to self and others, and fulfillment again. 


Dr. Kelsey Holiday is trained in a trauma therapy technique called Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) that helps individuals get to the core of their traumatic experiences. Clients who experience CPT therapy explain that they start to feel more in tuned with their bodies and emotions, feel more grounded in each moment, are more peaceful, and are able to meaningfully re-engage in their lives.

If you are struggling with any trauma symptoms, please reach out for a free consult to see how we can help. We are here for you.

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