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Feedback We’ve Received

Dr. Lieberman is an exceptional clinician. She is very kind, welcoming, non-judgemental, and I can easily talk to her about anything. She is always empathetic to what I am going through whether they are challenges or successes. She is genuinely concerned about my well-being, both in my career and outside of work. I feel extremely lucky to have been referred to her. Therapy with Dr. Lieberman has been essential to my success in life and I am truly grateful to have found such a caring psychologist. I do not know what I would have done without her care and support.

Working with Dr. Lieberman was awesome. She's intelligent, well-versed in her field and has an abundant amount of information and tips for helping work through my anxieties and depression. I would definitely work with Dana again or refer her to a loved one.

Dr. Lieberman and Dr. Duncan made the the Autism assessment process enjoyable for our child, and their thorough feedback and recommendations were incredibly informative for our family. We look forward to continued work with such outstanding clinicians, and recommend this assessment process without hesitation.

Dr. Duncan was welcoming, professional and knowledgable. She was able to help our family set clear and achievable goals in therapy. We now feel more confident in our parenting skills and our family feels stronger than ever before.

Dr. Lieberman is terrific and played an important role in my staying enrolled in my PhD program, completing my work, and taking better care of myself. She was also able to refer me for psychiatric treatment when I was going through a very difficult time. She also is incredibly empathic and culturally sensitive. I wish more clinicians were like her.

Dr. Dana's unmatched care, compassion and active involvement in her client's lives, has played a vital role in our child's happiness and our family's successes- and for that we are forever grateful.

Dr. Duncan has been a blessing to our family in helping navigate the challenges of getting accommodations through the school system for our child. She has supported us with warmth, compassion and expertise, for which we cannot thank her enough.

In my work with Dr. Lisa Rosequist, I felt "seen" by her, that her presence is respectful, attentive, and compassionate. 

In my experience witnessing Dr. Lisa Rosequist's work, her clients rave about her knowledge, warmth and her meaningful and functional recommendations for treatment. They are always grateful to have worked with her, and deeply enjoy and benefit from knowing her as well. 

Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) with Dr. Holiday taught me that while there is darkness in the world, there is also light. If we focus on the light, it can outshine the darkness.

Talking about my trauma seemed like the most terrifying thing in the world to me. After I processed it, it lost its power over me. I could finally move on after years of struggling. (Dr. Kelsey Holiday)

Dr. Kelsey Holiday is compassionate, personable, and empathic towards her clients. Her clients speak incredibly highly of her work and the impact of their sessions together.

Dr. Lisa Rosequist uses evidence-based interventions to help clients experience behavioral and emotional changes.  She is warm, extremely empathic, asks insightful questions, and is easy to develop a connected relationship with. Anyone who works with her would be truly lucky.

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