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College Student Therapy
Graduate Student Therapy

Transitioning to college as a 1st year student, undergraduate transfer student, or graduate student, is a time full of changes and unique challenges. Many students find it helpful to get support for the following reasons (but are not limited to):

  • managing a demanding & complex schedule with multiple roles

  • recognizing & overcoming the procrastination cycle

  • finding & maintaining focus & attention

  • navigating changes in interpersonal dynamics such as family/romantic relationships

  • grief & loss support

  • learning skills to manage anxiety, negative thought patterns, &/or perfectionism 

  • having extremely high expectations on oneself that can cause feelings of sadness &/or hopelessness (i.e.: never feeling "good enough")

  • maintaining a realistic & healthy exercise, sleep & nutrition plan

  • finding ways to balance time for pleasurable activities, hobbies & values, while in a rigorous academic program

  • questioning whether they are still interested or passionate about the field they are studying/researching

  • panic & anxiety related to performance & test taking


In our sessions together, we will discuss how to utilize your current strengths toward achieving your therapy goals. You will be guided step-by-step with practical ways to gain the skills necessary to nagivate the college or university setting, but more importantly, gaining the confidence to truly take care of yourself, mind AND body-- skills to take with you for a lifetime.

Call or e-mail us to tell us more about your needs and how we can help.

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