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Psychological Assessment

Coast Family strives to provide the highest quality psychological and educational assessment to children, adolescents, and adults. The comprehensive testing process helps to better understand psychological and behavioral symptoms that may be contributing to difficulties in daily life. Through this process, strengths are highlighted and realistic recommendations are made that truly make a difference in our clients lives.

What are the benefits of psychological assesessment? :

  • Identifying intellectual disabilities, determining learning disabilities/specific learning disorders, and social/emotional or behavioral difficulties (accurate diagnosis and development of a specific treatment plan)

  • Addressing performance struggles in school or work

  • A collaborative process of gaining information from parents/caregivers/partners, school, and self-report to get a comprehensive, and unique view, in order to develop an accurate assessment and specifically-tailored recommendations

  • Helping school-age, college, or graduate students who have academic or mental health difficulties to understand the ways their learning disabilities or mental health diagnoses impact their academic performance, and assisting in receiving school/testing accommodations

  • Helping in decision making regarding accommodations for standardized testing for high school, college, or graduate school students 

What tests are included?:

  • Most assessment batteries include, but are not limited to: Cognitive, Achievement (Academic Functioning), and Social/Emotional Processing. (*Tests are tailored specifically for each client's unique needs).


What is the process of psychological testing?:

1) INITIAL SESSION: We will meet initially for a 1 hour telehealth session to gain relevant history and current symptoms. Then a unique and comprehensive battery of assessments will be created and follow-up testing appointments will be coordinated together. 


2) TESTING: We meet for 2 separate sessions (3-4 hours each) to complete the testing (usually on a weekend day). This is typically completed in-person.


2) ONCE COMPLETED: After testing is completed, a comprehensive report with in- depth recommendations will be provided and any questions or concerns will be addressed during the final feedback session.


For testing batteries conducted with children, a separate feedback session is suggested in order to share developmentally appropriate results, highlight areas of strengths, and identify any recommendations in line with the child's goals. 


Please contact us by using the phone number or e-mail address listed below to schedule a time to talk by phone to discuss your specific interest in psychological assessment.

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