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What brings you in today?

Here at Coast Family we work with people of all ages and presenting goals or life obstacles they are working through. Sometimes seeking support from someone outside of your immediate circle can help put things into perspective. We are comitted to helping you shift your mental health to one of your first priorities, by giving yourself the care and attention you deserve. 



To give you a sense of some of the goals our clients come in with, here are several examples:

  • being able to set better boundaries (i.e.: saying "no" to things I don't want to do, & "yes" to things I do)

  • wanting to feel less overwhelmed, disorganized, &/or overbooked

  • support in prioritizing healthy habits: exercise, nutrition, & sleep 

  • identifying & changing unhealthy relationship patterns with intimate partners

  • navigating difficult family relationships & learning effective communication strategies

  • support in the journey of healing through grief & loss

  • anxiety management skills, managing panic, identifying the procrastination cycle

  • noticing depressive tendencies, managing depression, dealing with loneliness/hopelessness

  • wanting to focus more on what I can control vs what I can't (learning locus of control & radical acceptance skills)

  • learning mindfulness & present-focused awareness strategies

  • how to be more aware of how I use screen time, having a healthier balance of time on screens/social media & recognizing destructive social media patterns

  • how to feel more self-assured without the need for approval from others

  • values exploration, identification & implementation 

  • support with social skills, overcoming social anxiety

  • designing a plan for maintained focus, task completion, minimizing distractions & action vs avoidance

  • wanting to better communicate with loved ones in order to enjoy my family dynamics once again

  • difficulties with college or graduate school transitions, demands, & wanting a healtheir work/life balance

  • support through career changes & the challenges that come with international or local relocation


As you can see, there are countless reasons clients and families come see us. We pride ourselves in being a place free of judgment, allowing our clients to explore the various goals that they may have. We know that at times life can feel like a complex journey which doesn't always fold up neatly in just one category, but we believe that is what makes our work together so enriching.


If you'd like more information, we invite you contact us to set up a free brief phone consultation, to see if we can help.

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