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Mood Disorders Therapy

Mood disorders are disorders that affect your emotional state. While we all know that the feeling of sadness is a normal part of the human experience, those with mood disorders experience emotions that are more intense and harder to manage.


Have you noticed:


-Prolonged period of sadness of emptiness? Or possibly alternating periods of anxiety or agitation? 

-Feelings of low self esteem or self worth? 

-Excessive feelings of guilt?

-Loss of interest in previously enjoyable activities?


-Significant changes in sleep, appetite or energy levels?



If you have, consider speaking with Dr. Lisa Rosequist or Dr. Kelsey Holiday for compassionate, non-judgmental support.


Research shows us that our personal narratives, or the stories we tell ourselves, shape our experience of reality. Symptoms of mood disorders frequently begin with our thoughts. Therapy can help in identifying and challenging thoughts that are self-limiting or holding us back. Our thoughts are not always valid and frequently not serving us. Your work with a therapist can help in identifying unhelpful thought patterns and shifting these. Therapy can also help in increasing intrinsic motivation and changing behaviors that sustain or worsen depressive symptoms. Finally, therapy can assist with tools and techniques to cope with, or manage, the intense emotions that are characteristic of these disorders. 

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